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What We Do


SRS Group

The SRS Group is a leading provider of health care, cost containment services and human services. Leveraging Joomla as a content management system, the SRS Group is able to provide a great wealth of information to their audience without the need to worry about design and menuing.

Perfect Image

Estimating camera repair costs can be a complex process. Creating an easy-to-use tool for customers to submit a camera for repairs was essential. Our solution: A repair calculator which also accepts payment and provides an invoice for printing. Just click, pay, print, box up your camera and send it out!

Bird Treks

Tours of any kind are great fun, but if your customers can't search conveniently and geographically, your site isn't doing its job. Creating a site which allows visitors to also register for tours has helped Bird Treks attract new customers, and send them on their way!